Through The Trees

My love of trees is indulged in this collection. 


I wanted to look at trees from a different aspect, and found that looking up, ‘Through the Trees’, is a different way to appreciate the grandeur of nature's gentle giants.


Oil paint was a natural choice for this collection – as I needed a blended sky, and textured, imposing trunks, branches and leaves.


These paintings give the sense that you are on the floor, laying on grassy, bracken-filled undergrowth, and looking up through a gap in the canopy, to a sky that is radiating light.   The trees are around you, filtering that light, and providing protective walls.  Are they looking at you, or are you looking at them?  There are sounds all around too; the creaking of oaky limbs, the rustling of the leaves, and birdsong echoing in this organic cathedral.


A small donation from sales of this collection will be made to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, a local charity who has so far planted over one million broad leaf trees in the Yorkshire Dales, so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty of deciduous forests.

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