Teenage Angst

I am not one to turn down an artistic commission, and so when my two teenage stepsons requested artwork from me, I was happy to set about creating something suitable for them.  This meant no chocolate box and flower artwork, but rather, something with a modern music slant, as they were both budding rock stars - for a while at least.


My first two compositions were well received, so much so that I was asked by a friend of my youngest stepson, to do him a picture as well.  This time the request was more specific, and ‘Slash’ (of Guns and Roses) had to be the subject.  I stuck to the blacks, silvers and reds – the preferred colours in male, teenage bedrooms, I suspect. 


This is art just for fun, and it brings out the teenager in you when you are creating it, and that’s always a good feeling.




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