Metallic Horizons

This collection of work was a real pleasure to create.  I wanted to try some abstract work, and I wanted to have both texture and shine involved, and so I used acrylic paint to form textures on the canvas, and then, sometimes with the use of very basic stencils, I had fun with metallic spray paints.


The compositions are either based on planets, horizons or the sea, and what I really liked was the way that I could diffuse colours into each other, and then create sharp edges with the stencils.  Meanwhile, any texture that I had introduced created shadows and extra shine.


Where did my inspiration come from?  I’d like to say Banksy, as he is the king of the spray paint and stencil, but he was never as colourful as this!  Instead, I think perhaps I saw silver in the waves, and gold and bronze in the sunset, and then I went to B&Q to set about capturing them.



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