Blue Butterflies

This is my Blue Butterfly collection: the inspiration for which comes from a fleeting moment in the past where, whilst walking in rural Devon, a small, blue fragment caught my eye, and danced around at my feet: it was the Common Blue Butterfly.


To me, butterflies are spectacular in all forms, but the blue species have a surreal beauty, which I have long tried to capture in compositions.  My paintings in this collection are kept loose and free of form, to suit my subject, and they are often flecked with white or silver, to hint at the magic trail that the butterflies leave behind.


My butterflies could be the Common Blue, the Large Blue or the magnificent Blue Morpho - I did not feel it necessary to remain anatomically correct.  Instead, what I hope I have captured here is the movement and fragility of these magnificent and precious insects.


A small donation from sales of this collection will be made to the Butterfly Conservation charity, a British charity who are dedicated to the protection and conservation of butterflies, and who work to ensure that our declining and endangered butterfly species are safeguarded for future generations to enjoy.



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