Back To Backs

In this collection, I go back some time, to the first house I ever owned – a stone ‘back to back’ house, near the top of a steep hill, in Rodley, Leeds.


These characterful houses are deceptively large inside, usually with a cellar and an attic, as well as the ‘two up, two down’ design of their ground and first floors.  Unless you have the rare status of owning a house at the end of the street, a back to back house means that you have three adjoining neighbours, one on each side, and one at the back, and the narrowness of the street  also means that you have a pretty good idea of who is living opposite too.  In streets like these, a real sense of community exists, where cats are shared, cars are washed on Sunday mornings, and retired folk sit outside of their front doors in deckchairs on a sunny day.


I chose this drawing and colour design for the Back to Back collection, as I wanted to reflect the character and simplicity of the houses.  Look out for the occasional cat or person at the window, sneaking into the composition.


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