Autumn Leaves

In autumn 2011 I visited New England, USA: this collection is inspired by that area.


As I drove north from Boston, the city was soon left behind me, and all around were gentle hills, completely covered with deciduous forest, stretching for miles towards the horizon, in every direction.  I did not think that there were this many deciduous trees left in the world, and it was a glorious revelation.


This was only early ‘fall’, but amid the beautiful green foliage, one tree, or one branch would leap out of the vista, with its vibrant crimson, orange and yellow colours.  These bold trees and branches were like jewels, caught by the sun.


I knew I needed the most vibrant colour palette that I could find, and I was reminded of the beautiful silk landscape paintings of local artist, Chris Pollard.  As a result, I decided to use silk paints, but, not one to follow convention, I instead sought to use these paints on paper, not silk.  I introduced the black ink drawing to ensure that shape was focussed, whilst the silk paint was allowed to run and merge, just as the colours in those autumn leaves did.


A small donation from sales of this collection will be made to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, a local charity who has already planted over one million broad leaf trees in the Yorkshire Dales, so that we can also enjoy the beauty of deciduous forests.



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